3 months down!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well 3 months ago today we were blissfully married... and things just keep getting better and better! I'm working full time at a nutrition firm, New Performance Nutrition, as the PA to the CEO of the company. I'm really enjoying the job and I'm very fortunate to be working so close to home! LA traffic is NUTS but I work a stone's throw away from the LA temple, which is only 15 min away from our house taking the streets. Jared is in school and working part time as a very handsome valet at a well-to-do hotel. Mostly we just like being with each other and enjoying the awesomeness of LA.

LA has taught us a thing or two. The first would be the benefit of living OUTSIDE of a major city where parking doesn't cost $.50 for 15 min EVERYWHERE. Or the fact that when you run an errand that should take only 10 minutes will take you an hour due to the untimely amount of traffic at any point of day. Or the fact that a blissful trip to Target requires getting on the freeway for 10 miles when I previously enjoyed the close companionship of the store only a quarter of a mile away from my home. HOWEVER, despite the fact that we have our quarrels with LA, the city has offered us some really really blessed things.


#1. The Getty Museum. It's free and it's lovely. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than in an art gallery? We very much enjoyed ourselves.

#2. The Griffith Observatory. The Mr and I love space. On our honeymoon we went to DC and spent hours in the National Air & Space Museum. We both love space ice cream. This is how excited we get when we partake of the freeze-dried dessert:

So the Griffith Observatory was quite an overwhelming experience for us with the live star show and all. Our friends Amy and Kyle joined us for that little excursion and it was quite fun.

#3. THE SANTA MONICA LIBRARY is the gift of all gifts. It has an extraordinary collection of books, magazines, movies, documentaries. EVERYTHING! We have frequented the Santa Monica library more than any blockbuster due to its fantastic selection and convenient cost = free. We will most likely not own a blockbuster card so long as we live in LA.

#4. Some nights we just sit at home and make family videos. Maybe all nights...


  1. Congrats to NeWLYWeD BLiSS.
    I know that baby hungry feeling...I had it like crazy!! Babies are a lot of work though, so savour these times with just Jared...it really is a speacial time.

    if you guys moved up to Sacramento then you could borrow Lily anytime you wanted!!!

    are you guys planning on staying there after this semester?