Sunday, November 17, 2013

One of my most darling friends in Virginia just had her first baby the other day. I wish I could be there as she enters this new phase of motherhood. I saw one of my other bestest friends post on facebook that she just ate the most delicious pumpkin pie that my other wonderful friend made, and my heart sunk a bit at the thought that we'd been a part of the annual pre-thanksgiving feast in prior years, and of course the celebration was going to go on without us, but I was sad we weren't there to partake. I still get emails from playgroup, letting me know that everyone is getting together at the park on such and such date, friends congregating without me. My calendar continues to notify me that preschool is going on Wednesdays, and my sweet tooth reminds me that I'm missing Wegman's pumpkin spiced donuts season right now, dagnabit! The closest thing that I've come to in the past months since we've left Virginia to feeling "home" was at my local Trader Joe's when I struck up a conversation with my cashier and I told her we just moved back from the DC area and she said, "Oh, I used to work at the TJ's off Pickett!" My mind was blown because that was my TJ's and we just started talking about the parking lot there, how crazy it is, and I got all nostalgic for that ridiculous shopping strip mall!

Although it has been wonderful to be home with both our families, the more real it becomes that we are not on vacation. That we are not going back home to Virginia. That when Evelyn asks to "go back to Evelyn's house," we can't. That our friends were truly more than just friends, but they were and still are, like unto kin.

I am reminded daily how beautiful it is that humans can impact one another for good - so much good.
My heart carries the markings of so many who have engraven themselves on my life imprint forever with their energy, goodness, comfort, laughter, friendship, and love.

I better log off before I fry my keyboard with my tears.

I'm homesick for you, Virginia.


  1. Virginia is homesick for YOU TOO!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU

  2. I hate this feeling! Been experiencing it too lately, there's no place like home!