it's ending...

Monday, August 27, 2012

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I can't believe summer is coming to an end! Labor Day is the official closing date of the season for me since the pool shuts it's gates. And my friends, when the day comes that I can no longer tan then it is no longer summer. But I am so looking forward to Fall! Autumn here in Virginia is just breaktaking. And it will be such a joy to have two kids to dress up for Halloween this year :) Forgive me while I do another countdown, but only 23 days until baby boy comes (or sooner!)!

In more exciting news for you, here are the FOUR winners of the Stuck on You Giveaway! Happy Monday!


  1. I am also looking forward to halloween with two little ones! It will be so great! Fall is on its way!

  2. I feel like the pools are closing entirely too early, the weather is still so great. Maybe it's the Santa Monica influence, practically endless summers spoiled me. Also, for the giveaway, weren't there supposed to be 4 winners?

    1. Yes! Thank you for reminding me! Let's blame that slip up on pregnancy brain :)

  3. wow, only 23 days!!
    the fall in germany becomes beautiful at the end of october, september and beginning of october is just a mix of rain and rest summer...
    arww, can't wait to see the pics of your two little ones dressed in their halloween costumes! happy fall!

  4. Ah!23 days?!SO soon!This post just makes me happy because you just reassured me Fall is well on its way!Eeep!

  5. I bet you are right that Fall there is so lovely. It's cooling off in this area so I'm excited to see what Fall is like in my new area. I hope you and your family had a lovely summer =)

    - Sarah

  6. 23 days? Are you freaking out??? =)

    Also, I won? Seriously? I can hardly contain my excitement! I'll email ya my info. Thanks for doing all these cute giveaways and having a great little blog.

  7. Great summer pictures! Do you know what you are dressing the kiddos up as for Halloween? I think I want to attempt a home-made costume, but I'm not much of a sewer so I'll have to see what happens.

  8. it's so hard to say goodbye to summer...but fall is my first love! it's the most wonderful of seasons :)

    and woohoo—happy 23 day countdown!


  9. these pictures are priceless! In MO we get to experience all 4 seasons and Fall & Spring are definitely my favorites...maybe because we get to avoid the extreme temps & for some reason everything just smells so wonderful in the spring & fall!

  10. Cant wait to see that baby boy of yours. Boo for summer coming to a end though :(