all aboard the choo choo train

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A dolphin. That's what my child has been called due to the high ear piercing pitch that comes from her vocal cords when she is so excited about something. And a train would be one of those things {and a horse, bus, her blankie, stuffed animals, the list is endless}. Yesterday we went with our friends to a local park that has one of the best train rides for your  dollar $2.50 spent, and I'm definitely a person that appreciates getting what I paid for. It was 10 minutes of backwoodsin' it by a lake, waterwheel, and the trip even included a tunnel. Bargain. What sweetened the deal was that the weather decided to break it's 92* heat + 70% humidity streak and left us with beautiful 83* weather. It felt darn good to be able to straighten my hair without worrying about it curling/frizzing with the moisture in the air. I've kinda given up on getting myself ready in the summertime. With all the sweat and pool dipping we do, there's not really much of a point, ya know? And I forsee my lack of self-readiness going well into the fall as I'll have 2 little kiddos around. So Jared, I guess that means I'll get back to my banging self in... hm, 10 years when the kids are all grown and in school?


  1. Hey, Kendra! I'd like to thank you for my shout out! Sorry it's so late. I read your blog a ton and now I have my own blog (:

    1. Hey Maggie! Good to hear from you! Glad I have a faithful reader :) Hope you're having a great summer!

  2. How fun! I love little trains.
    I don't bother getting ready most days, either, because I don't want to bear the heat. But you might surprise yourself after your newest little one arrives. Cooler autumn temps and not being pregnant go a long way in giving the motivation to get ready for the day more often. (That's how I was after my second. I was better at getting ready for the day than I had been when I only had one!)

  3. you are a beautiful momma, no need to even get ready! and little miss is so cute!

  4. Looks like a fun train ride! I will have to check it out with my little guy. You guys look fabulous!

  5. my goodness when did evelyn get so TALL?! i love it. did you ever hear E's dolphin squeal?! hers was a little bit obnoxious and so very annoying.

    where is your baby bump? i can't see it!

  6. We call our little one a pterodacyl with her little screech. It's kind of love hate thing ;)

    - Sarah

  7. awwww so happy she liked it!!!! I wish I was there to see her get excited over the train. Seriously Ev's excitement is the best thing ever :-)

    that train is so worth it :-)