plethora of good news this week

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good News:
1. Receiving the package my BFF sent me for Ev containing all things wonderful: books, cards, Martha Stewart Living, handmade burp cloths and an adorable dress for Evy Rae's older months
2. Awesome 80* weather
3. I was able to button some shorts that I couldn't last week
4. Doctor telling me yesterday that she had never heard such a talkative 2 month old. Apparently all that grunting is advanced baby talk. Doc said she just skipped the cooing and went straight to babbling.
5. Getting my Shutterfly book of THIS TRIP in the mail.
6. Jared getting accepted to George Mason University!

Life's pretty darn tootin' good right now. I'm anxious to determine where we'll be in 5 months!

Oh yeah, I also scored deals at H&M KIDS and made 3 pants one night using this fancy pattern.


  1. kendra!
    i'm loving your blog, your baby girl is adorable and i'm seriously envious of your sewing abilities. also, what kind of camera do you have??
    sounds like you're loving life:)

  2. Keni congratulations! I am so excited for you guys! Talk about an awesome week!