a moment of envy

Monday, March 14, 2011

Does anyone else find themselves killing DesignMom with their eyes everytime they look at her blog? I am LOATHING her and her perfect family and perfect Parisian life right now. A weekend "trip" to my London! Ah, tug at my heartstrings! [I feel that since I called Londontown my home for 4 months that I own part of it or something.] But then I take a step back and remember that I too am fortunate enough to lead a great life, and perhaps others think I have it good and I can calm myself down.... until the next time DesignMom updates...

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  1. I just try to remind myself that a blog isn't the best way to really know someone. this woman has made a hobby to share her mom and design side on this particular blog. we all have our ups and downs, and I guarantee her life is not perfect-she just knows how to take rad photos of her ideas. but that is not her, that is not even what makes her. it's just something she does a few minutes each day. blogs are for fun and for inspiring, I think too often they turn into a breeding ground for woman to measure themselves up to each other. that's when they turn into a little bit of poison. i mean, Kendra-honestly-your blog knocks all of ours out of the water. you are SO design savvy...but it doesn't make me hate you, it makes me inspired! you are so whimsical and child-like, brave and vulnerable all at once. i happen to know you are a lovely person in real life too-but I only catch a teeny glimpse of that on your blog.
    So yeah, I know you already knew all this-but I think every once in awhile we as women need to step back and remind ourselves-that we have to love each other and be inspired by each other, not want to pull each other's hair out and push to the front of the line about it.