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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Someone finally has a belly button!

I discovered it in Evy's diaper during our 4am wake-time. That thing was darn stubborn and was hanging on by a thread for days! Of all things Jared has experienced during the last 2 weeks as Dad, the dried umbilical cord has grossed him out the most. Say whaaa?! Buck up, Dad! So since the cord is now off, Evy got to take her first fully immersed bath today in the tub-a-dub.

two weeks old today.

Here are some things I have learned about you, Evelyn dear:

+ you like bath time, but despise lotion time [just like your mother]
+ your most awake time is from 6pm-10pm
+ you moan yourself to sleep and throughout the night [this is more recent]
+ I think you're developing two indentations behind both of your ears from where my thumbs hold you when you nurse - sorry kid, I'll try not to grip so tight
+you get hiccups more than any person I know, and they sound painful
+ I feel sorry for your digestive system. Each bowel movement seems like you're pushing out a rock
+ you don't fuss when I dress you up in 50 different headbands in 2 minutes
+ you LOVE photoshoot time
+ you look like a cute little turtle with your button-slit nose and and pointy tongue
+ no matter how long your father and I burp you, you will spit up AFTER the burping session is over and when the burp rag is no where in sight
+ you think you're getting good at holding your head up. I love watching your terrific effort everytime I put you over my shoulder and you bob your head up, only to have it tumble down 0.0005 seconds later
+ I don't care if the doctor says smiles aren't an emotional response until 6 weeks - you always smile for me and it gets me every time
+ I may or may not cry during the day when I watch you sleep and think that you're mine - at night time my cries are hardly for cuteness factor but out of sleep deprivation - but I still love you anyway
+ You sit quietly with me at 4pm so I can watch Ellen Degeneres [I've got to get in that audience! She gives away the most insane prizes!]
+ I love your milk mustache


  1. Oh I can't wait to see you guys soon! I need to hold Evy asap. She's already looking much older than just 2 weeks ago. Happy 2 week bday, Ev!

  2. Jax has always hated lotion too (still does :/ ) Funny how a 2 week old baby can be so opinionated! She's a DOLL!

  3. That was a sweet post. AWw....I hope the sleep gets better for you soon. Sam was kind and let us sleep around 4 months...Sabine is still working on it. Ug. :) It's so great to see you so in love, it's it grand?? Hey, do you need anything? I'm not in RS anymore, so I haven't been involved in the dinner sign ups or anything-let me know! :)