I feel ya bunny..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One of my favorite gifts that we've received during this whole baby expecting phase was a bunny given to us by my boss's client. It is seriously SO CUTE! I love it. But for the past month it has been sitting in the corner of the crib by itself, looking all lonely and stuff. The long floppy ears, the drooping arms, the downward smile and slouching posture - it all screams "I'm bored! This baby better get here soon!" Today, I echo that same feeling, bunny. I hope baby girl gets here soon. Which is why we are checking in to the hotel, I mean hospital, tonight. {Jared keeps calling it a hotel, which I suppose it is in some ways. It is a very nice facility with netflicks and all.} Hopefully we'll be Ma and Pa by tomorrow evening.
In the mean time, I've walked in to our room with this to greet me several times:
Jared thinks it's rather funny to position the bunny in the laid-back form. It actually is funny and I laugh out loud every time. Especially this morning when it was peaking out behind some pillows. This bunny has personality! Jared asked if the bunny was a he or she this afternoon. With a ridiculing face, I told him it was a lady because I would never let my baby girl sleep with a boy and two, it's pink!


  1. Lovely! Congratulations in advance, I hope that all goes well for you all.


  2. Woot woooooooot! Best of luck checking in! I hope you check out soon with someone to play with the bunny! :) Yaaaaaaaay!

  3. This is excellent news. I am sending good vibes your way for an easy peasy labor/delivery. Good luck!