Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Husbands are good for roadtrips. While they take on the role of driver and get stuck in traffic, you get to take on the role of pacified passenger and enjoy the ride. They let you listen to whatever music you want to, unlike your parents in roadtrips past who would condemn your rap crap and put in their cd of Peter Frampton or James Taylor. Husbands also let you get treats on roadtrips and let you stop off anywhere. They are fun to talk to and also good to sit in silence with. Husbands are willing to take pictures with you/of you and never tell you that your hair could have looked better or that your smile was a bit awkward. So, I guess Jared is the ultimate traveler partner. Good thing, because we are taking a very extended vacation in 2 weeks to Centroamérica and I will be stuck with him on plane, bus, boat, taxi and most likely not looking my best. So this Saturday was a prep for our long-haul vaca and we took a road trip to San Juan Capistrano. Our trip was full of pumpkin walnut pancakes, frozen bananas, Balboa Island-ness, a Spanish mission, free audio guide tour, tacos, IKEA, IPOD-ing, grilled cheese sandwiches and Brach's candy pumpkins.
Huh.. weird, we mostly consumed alot of food...

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