a report on beach camping with two littles and a 27 week pregnant lady

Monday, July 7, 2014

I was super duper nervous to go beach camping for 5 days. Taking two kids, one who naps atleast 2 hours during the day and both going to bed at 7:30, plus other factors of eating habits and sun exposure and stuff, it all just sounded like camping was a recipe for tantrums, overtired, sick, whiny, kids. Then, add on me with a watermelon belly I just thought WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? But I already knew the reason why - family reunions and you just have to go to those things, ya know? And I'm so glad we did! The kids did AWESOME!!! Like, completely knocked it out of the park with their awesomeness! They slept through the night, I took Warner back to the trailer for daytime naps, they all played well with their cousins, Ev thrived at the beach and loved the waves - they just killed it and they were awesome for the 5 hour drive there and back!
Probably my favorite part of this whole trip was seeing my kids act all grown up and totally doing things that the big kids do. Not even acting the part, but legitimately doing big kid stuff. Like Warner up there with the parachute - he totally got the concept of holding the parachute and tossing it up and down. And both kids are scooter pros, and were in on the cousin jokes at the table. It was adorable to watch and just made me so proud of them for growing up to be such stellar people!
Every day they had a craft for the kids to do. So cute! 
Lots of dirt was involved with this boy! Right when we pulled up to the camp site and got Warner out of the car, he ran to the camp and just ran his fingers deep into the ground, letting the dirt run all through his hands and fingers. Total boy.
The beach was absolutely dreamy every day we were there! I was so impressed with Evelyn's courage in going in to the water! The girl was rolling in the waves! Warner hung back by me and basically had an anxiety attack if he even watched Evelyn walk down to the water, let alone see her get in the ocean! It was kinda sweet - he would clench on to my suit when she got in the waves and whimper out "Eh-when" (evelyn) as he was genuinely concerned for her safety and thought she'd never come back.
Nights were for riding scooters, throwing balls, and eating grub. Warner has three adorable older boy cousins who are so good to him! Cohen was so cute and played catch with Warner for a really long time, and Warner just loved it!
Love these shots of Ev and her cousin, Hunter. They were laughing about something like eating a tree or other nonsense, but they had a good case of the giggles and it was infectious!
Twinners! Ev's new scary face.
And dusk was for smores ;)

Thanks Oakden Family for such a fun trip! Until next year!

Oh, and here are some of Warner's mad scooter skills. He really gravitated to this pink scooter, mostly because it was his perfect size over a razor.


  1. Looks like y'all had a fabulous time!!! Glad it was a success with the kiddos!!!!!

  2. This is awesome! what an incredible family time!

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