portraits of a sickly girl

Monday, December 9, 2013

Three days ago Evelyn came down with a fever, which was sad, but also wonderful. This girl never EVER cuddles with me. Her vivacious spirit is always on the go, leaving me and my fragile "you're-growing-up-too-fast-please-stay-little" heart always in constant anxiety, forseeing that this fireball independent girl sees little need for mother's craddling. And as if it were a blessing for my aching heart (Evelyn and I had a hard week. I cried often. I was worried about our relationship), she up and got sick and doesn't want me to leave her side. She is so passive, agreeable, peaceful, loving, patient, still, and cuddly. She has been so tender, and it is just what I needed. Not the fever, but to know that she loves me and values me as much as I do her.

Also, she looks serene and beautiful when she is unwell, doesn't she? Portraits of a sickly girl pre-bedtime.


  1. poor little babe :( hope she is feeling better, and yes she's beautiful even when she's sick! ava does the same thing. rarely any hugs/kisses unless she isn't feeling well. you're not alone mama <3

    xo jenna
    sweet grace

  2. ughh...poor baby! But sickly cuddles are sometimes the best--it always seems like they can't get close enough so they cuddle even closer!

  3. Poor sweet girl, i hope she's feeling well again. She is adorable as ever though!!!