i'm not dead, just 3 weeks behind on blogging!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chellooo blogging world! Good grief, I feel like I'm coming back from the dead since I've been absent for a couple weeks now. This has never happened to me before, the feeling of "oh I'm so far behind in blogging how will I ever catch up I think I'll just quit," but I am trying so hard to muster up the energy to keep this space going right now. Let's play a quick game of catch-up.
Soo... we moved. Really far. We said a tearful goodbye to our home in Virginia, a place we had grown to love, along with so many wonderful friends. I'm still living in vacation mode and it hasn't hit me yet that we will not be returning, but once it does I am going to be a wreck. On the plus side, we relocated back to our roots in California. That has been more fabulous than I had anticipated. Every day we do something with either set of grandparents and the kids see their cousins a couple times a week. Having family around is definitely something we are not accustomed to, but we like it!

Our first weekend back we hit up our local farmers market. Our little "old town" is small but super charming. Evelyn jumped on her first pony ride and squealed with delight the whole time!

Two of the many nice benefits of having so many extra familial hands around - 1) someone to always hold your kids. I occasionally forget I have two children (i kid!) because someone else is always holding them and I'm looking at my empty arms and hands thinking "what is this feeling of freedom!?" and 2) Jared and I can get a couple more snapshots TOGETHER.

Ok, next on the camera roll... Warner's birthday! Yes, his real birthday was back on the 19th, but we "partied" on the 22nd with family.
At first he didn't like the cake.  He was so cautious and deterred by it's sticky nature. He poked at it, examined it, cried about it, threw the cake off the plate on to the grass. But once it fell on to the green reeds, I dunno, maybe he liked that presentation better but he ate it! And THEN he licked his plate clean :) 
Annndd I have to stop there before this post becomes the longest pictorial overload in the history of blogging. Uh, I actually hate this post. Not the photos or happenings, but my writing. So blah and just all "here's what we did." Not fun, but it's taken me three days, THREE DAYS, to find the time to get these photos up here. I'm actually in the middle of something else that has been taking up a ton of my time, but I'm super excited about it and hope I can launch it soon. Til then, I'm stuck typing lame-o recountals.

Ok, so, we also went to the zoo and Ev hand-fed a giraffe and pet a stingray and Warner had a stare down competition with a sea lion and rode a comodo dragon. Tada! Coolness.

Ok, for realz, this post is done now.


  1. So glad to see your happy familiar faces and glad you're happy with your move closer to family!

  2. Kendra! I missed you! So happy you're back and wow on that last picture. Warners a brave little guy.

  3. Looks like you have been having a fabulous time with family so far. We miss you around here, and every time a black SUV drives by my building, I still instinctively look to see if it's you or Jared. :p Still, I'm so happy for you guys. Soak up all of those family moments, along with that beautiful California sunshine!

  4. so glad to see you back! and your family is just as cute as ever!

  5. I LOVE that picture of Ev feeding the giraffe. And though I know that komodo dragon isn't real, that picture is crazy.

  6. Looks like yall are doing well and so happy to be back home!!!

  7. Warner is seriously so cute. Love your pictures!! <3