some people do drinks for happy hour. we do ice cream.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Late afternoon after the kids wake up is always a tough time for me to figure out what the heck to do with ourselves. It's kinda right before dinner and traffic is starting to build up on the roads, so leaving the house isn't really something I am wanting to do. The morning is usually our big activity time, and I'm too tired at that point to get everyone lathered and geared up for a second dip in the pool. And I think "great, Jared will be home soon," but soon isn't really for another 2+ hours... and that really isn't soon. So this week when 4 o'clock has rolled around, we've just eaten ice cream. and lots of sprinkles.
The many faces of Warner - a lover of yogurt but hater to all other foods. (another post about my anxiety with baby food coming up)


  1. There's nothing wrong with a afternoon treat of ice cream!!!!

  2. The photos are adorable!! I think that's a great little treat in the afternoon! Oh, and one can never have too many sprinkles :)


  3. That is the toughest time of the day... And ice cream is always a good idea! :-)

    1. Btw this is Marissa. Apparently I have issues because I think I made this mistake last time I commented too. Haha

  4. Ice cream happy hour really makes me want to join your family. Love it.

  5. My kid hates food too! This is new territory for me, because Addi gobbled up anything and everything I put on her tray. Reid just wants to eat cheerios and yogurt bites. Forget baby food--he hates it! How do you handle it? Are you worried Warner's not getting enough?

  6. World's best distraction = ice cream.
    Also, I feel like this is a good forum to admit that we stopped on our way home from work the other day, for a pre dinner ice cream... and I don't have two under two ;)

  7. my ideal happy hour is very similar to evelyn & warner's.. ice cream with sprinkles? yes please.