I like your buns.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cinnabon's, that is. 
{Although Jared's are very nice as well.}
Saturday I went to the mall all by myself, which is only cool for the fact that I walked by a Cinnabon and I didn't even buy one. Yes, I looked at them, stared at the beautifully glazed dough topped with crisp pecans, but I walked away, folks. Just walked away. 
I bragged to Jared about my triumph, but that only lasted so long. We found ourselves at another mall that evening, where the aroma of sweet Cinnabon penetrated both our nostrils and forced us to purchase a heavenly swirl to share.
I think that Cinnabon really welcomed in the holiday cheer for the Oakdens.
Bring on the 2 months of chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, toffee and Danish cookies.
{actually, I have to admit something. I am terrified of the holidays, or more so of my obstetrician. He told me to only gain X-amount of lbs, which hasn't been hard except hello, my last two months are being spent amidst the 2 most gluttonous holidays! And I am not one to say no to a good thing when she sees it. So don't judge me if I look like a balloon come January. Wish me luck!}

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  1. Just a thought... but screw what your OB says! LOL! But in all honesty, please don't worry about the pounds. I know they say that there's a target amount (25-35), but I don't know many people who have stayed within that. It's not unhealthy to gain more- I did. By a lot. So please don't stress! My OB told me that as long as the baby was healthy and I was healthy, she didn't care how much I gained and she was not worried when I gained more. So just ENJOY yourself!!! :)