Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are Jared and I the only people who have fallen into the VonTrapp trap?! My whole world has been upset to know that the singing family, comprised of precious children with dainty names and a dashing colonel father and beautiful mother who somehow escaped over the Alps, isn't true? Ok, the midnight venture over the Alps was a bit hard to swallow, but I definitely prefer that to truth that they just rode away in a train, and not even to Switzerland but to Italy! Oh Wikipedia, why did you have to destroy my naive vision with the truth that there were actually 10 children, not 7. And that their names were awful like Agathe, Joanna and Hedwig Maria! Save your eyes from looking at their real pictures; keep your minds pure with images of cute Gretl and Kurt. I know, maybe I was a sucker for Hollywood's limelight on the Von Trapp's, but who would do such a thing and fool us all?! Sure, I guess the Von Trapp story is still noteworthy, but they're just another immigrant family to the US now as far as I'm concerned. I bet there are a million more interesting migrant stories other than an Austrian family who leisurely imported themselves to Italy and took the ferry to Vermont and opened their own little hotel and sang to their guests. Hardly as captivating.

I hope in 20 years I can sell my life off for millions of dollars with an alternate truth. I'll make sure it has catchy tunes and gorgeous children running across the screen too to make it all the more captivating. Maybe Jared and I will be suffering here in the years of Obama's economic depression and we can barely feed our children, and to make a living we all play the fiddle and do the... jive?? [not sure I even know what kind of dance that is, but it sounds like we'll be the life of the party and big screen if it's thrown in there.] Eh, I'll have to give it some time, but in the mean time, I'll try not to come down too hard on the VonTrapp's. I doubt they had much to say in what Hollywood made of them anyways... but still. Cheated, I feel. Cheated.


  1. Kendra,

    Why do you always have to ruin my life? Okay, well, I guess this would be the first time. But really. You couldn't have just kept that to yourself? Now you're just as bad as Wikipedia. Shame on you. At least you didn't put up the pictures.


  2. In all fairness, I'm surprised people think it's real at all. I mean it's not called "The Sound of Music: a true story" or even 'based on a true story'. The children themself have even said that the play and movie were not meant to be a documentary of their lives. However, my grandma says they were very nice people... she grew up in Pennsylvania and I guess after they immigrated they started a little shop that she visited. I love this little site about them: http://www.trappfamily.com/story/family-memories
    And there were seven original children before Maria came along... when she and the Captain were married she had three more.

    Apparently the great grandchildren have their own little singing quartet! Precious!

  3. I'm a pretty big Sound of Music fan, and I still find the story of their lives inspiring. It doesn't make a difference to me if it's Switzerland or Italy. 7 or 10 ugly or beautiful children. Anyone who is brave enough to travel to another country with that many children, all the while singing their heart out, wins my admiration.