I promise.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

While I promise, promise, promise that this blog will not become baby-hungry, I have to have just this one to say that we're ecstatic! Thank you all for your congratulatory remarks and words of awesomeness. We dig it.

Speaking of digging, yesterday I had my 13 week check up and that sonographer just dug her little ultrasound wand into my tummy for what felt like 15 min straight! A word to the wise - do not go to the OB with a full bladder! That was excruciatingly painful to hold back. But it was all worth it to see the baby flutter around and hear the heart beat! 2 things I learned. #1 - Our baby has a beautifully formed brain. The doc even drew the attention of the sonographer to the perfectly formed brain mass, commenting on its perfection. Cool. #2 - the Doc may have a crush on JO. "Now you, sir, you're quite handsome" - something like that was said and I was rather taken back. Why no comments on my attraction level? Is JO the only one contributing to the looks of this child? Why do I not merit the doctors remarks of beauty? I even brought it up that night at the dinner table. Jared assured me that I was pretty, and sometimes pretty girls are stuck with not-so attractive guys and the doc was surprised that I could find someone to match my beauty. Not buying it, but ok.

While we still have about 7 weeks until we know the little gender, my eyes have been perusing etsy and you'll just have to die like I did when you see these.

Look at the little Mary Janes!

And the loafers!

Bahh!! I think my child's wardrobe is going to be more expensive than the medical bill! Anywho, that's all the baby-ness I have to say until we find out if we're having a little lady or gent.

We're going beach camping this weekend with JO's family. It was forecasted to be a splendid weekend, until I decided to capture a sore throat and a cold. Now I am not looking forward to 3 nights on an air mattress with kleenex piling up in the corner of the tent. Boo. I never knew my body could be this exhausted until I coupled pregnancy with sickness.


  1. Oh my goodness I didnt even know you were pregnant! Congratulations! And i agree with you those baby shoes are SO cute!