The bunny, a haircut and an anniversary

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well, we made our first trip back to Fresno since the date of marriage. Was it fabulous? One would say so. JO's parents were out of town so we spent a lot of time with my family. It was good to be back in suburbia again and away from all the LA bustle. We got in to town Friday evening and passed the time away by dying easter eggs and enjoying family jokes.

The expenditure of our time Saturday was spent in the great anticipation of the easter bunny. We were told that the bunny still brings gifts to the newly wedded, so we were rather delighted when the bunny delivered us our gifts along with a stash of candy. Easter dinner was enjoyable but we soon left and made our way back to LA for another work week. Life has been going pretty good for us.. so good in fact that we both decided that it would be rightful for me to obtain my first haircut EVER from a salon and spend whatever money was necessary to do so. So I dropped the money and got my hair cut - and the fabulous part is that I hardly got any length cut off! The dresser gave me a ton of layers so now I look a bit something like...

Ok, so maybe I want to look like Mandy Moore, but what's wrong with that? Anyways... Our 4 month mark is coming up tomorrow. I think it's both safe to say that we feel like we've been married for longer and not in a negative way. We both have just grown so much together that it truly is hard to remember what life was like before the eternal marriage happening. If any of you want to know what the feeling of marriage is like, it is found with in this AMAZING song... Take it away Celine..

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  1. Who needs to look like Mandy Moore when they already look like you??

    Happy 4 months!