We're back + Twas the night

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holy smokes! What a whirlwind the past two days have been! Thank you all for wishing us a very merry anniversary! It was fantastic. I have so much to say, so much to show! Unfortunately I have a house to get in order. Oh, I hate the doomsday that follows a vacation where your time is spent unpacking a suitcase, doing loads of laundry, vacuuming out the car, and grocery shopping to re-stock the barren shelves. Ahhh! If only I were Snow White and could summon woodland creatures to do the work for me.

I will take the time to answer the question that I know has been egging you: Did we get on the today show?! Lest the picture above deceives you, no we did not... I woke up yesterday morning with a wretched cold and a flaming sore throat which caused me to lag in getting up for the day and we arrived at Rock Center at 9am. Too late for the Roker man to give us tidings of great joy. I seriously pouted. And almost cried. Oh well! I'll make a storyboard of our adventures later. In the mean time, here's to a Merry Christmas from some of us ladies in the blogging world!

Twas the Night Before Christmas 
{blog style}
Twas the night before Christmas, while scheduling posts on the blog Not a child was stirring, they were bumps on a log. Facebook was quiet no updates to see, I sure hope Santa remembers presents for me!
  {Michelle @ the Momma Bird}
Oliver was chewing his bone by the fire, his eyes were heavy, he was so very tired. I had on my onesie covered with penguins you see, hoping that under the mistletoe Mike would meet me.
When out on the web there arose such a clatter, from the Duggars &cloth diapering, to family matters. Away to my laptop I started typing away, 25 blog posts to schedule before Christmas day!
{Lacy @ Living on Love}
The room was a mess and life was on hold, as the luster of my screen showed I had one more post to go. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer. 
With a plump red belly and a white beard to boot, I knew it was Santa Clause delivering his loot, With a voice that sounded much like Tom Hanks, He shouted out to his flying ranks: 
Can you hear that baby?! Happy, now sad, now laughing, now crying! Little girl don’t you know, tonight’s the night in which I am flying! From the boppy to the bed, all in one fell swoop. Let’s scurry off to bed, for your mommy is pooped! 
As the wind picks up and the snow is falling, We are met with deadlines and emails are calling. So up to the house the laptop now closes, With a sleigh full of Giveaways and cheeks all a rosey. 
And then as I took a sip of my tea I heard, on the roof, someone louder than me. I quickly grabbed my flask to spike my large cup. Oh phew, it's just Santa, here to make my pageviews go up. 
He was dressed all in red, it was a nice little look, And a noticed in his bag, a little silver Macbook. He took out his Mac, took a seat in a chair, Then connected to the web, and said, "I like to share what I wear." 
His Iphone did twinkle! His Ipad did glow. His fingers like ice cubes, his pointer like snow. He looked for his warmers, they went on with a pop, he could text and browse thanks, to the Hollie Rogue Shop!
{Andi @ The Hollie Rogue}
The click of the mouse beneath His forefinger, As upon another blog post his eyes did linger. But alas he grimaced in pure consternation As he saw that dreaded prompt “Word Verification” 
He was savvy and smart, a solo Geek Squad in red, And I followed each detailed instruction he said. And my blog design problems were through, I could tell, For Santa, it seems, sure knows html. 
I sat at my desk, typing away with a smirk, choosing words and pics to display all my quirks. Each word and sentence slowly turns into prose, the night ticks away, as the bright screen still glows. 
I sprang to my laptop, not a moment to lose, and feverishly typed while G continued to snooze. I looked out the window, as he disappeared into the night, wishing Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.” 

Merry 'early' Christmas Everyone!!!


  1. Looks like a blast! LOVE 'Tis the night before Christmas :-)

  2. How cute was the Twas the NIght Before Christmas!! :) Happy Aniv again!

  3. Bummer that you were sick for your New York adventure. It seems like something is really going around. I've got it. Hope you feel better!

  4. Oh my I love NY! I went for my senior trip (and for my brother's) and I met Jessica Alba at the Today show while I was outside in the freezing cold! Hahahaha so glad you guys had fun!!

  5. Kendra, thanks for commenting so that I could find your blog. :) It's great! I know what you mean about returning from vacay...restocking shelves is a real drag (especially as the grocery bill racks up). I'm glad New York was a blast -- such a fun place to visit. And Happy Anniversary to you! xo

  6. How sweet! I've just discovered your blog & it's super cute!

  7. Sorry you were sick for your anniversary weekend getaway! Hope you can get settled back in at home (traveling is always fun, it's coming home that is draining).

    Love the night before christmas blog style!!!

  8. You have such a beautiful family!!!! I love the pictures! (And happy late anniversary!!!) :o)

    I saw this rendition of Twas The Night on Michelle's blog yesterday! You girls are so stinkin' creative!!! I love it!!! :o) I love how you got so many different contributers, yet it all still flows together perfectly!!

    Hope your family has a VERY happy Christmas!!! xoxo

  9. yay, what a great nyc trip for you. let me know if you get to the big apple again soon and we'll invite you to one of our fashionable blogger events. xoxo Nicole

  10. I love your blog, movies, cute baby, header, and so much more! So glad I found your blog. Merry Christmas!

  11. Merry Christmas! You are such a beautiful family.

  12. I just came across your blog! I love it! Consider me a new follower. I'd love for you to come check out mine and hopefully do the same?